The Step Up package of Twerk classes. Whether you just want to enjoy the classes or want to become and instructor here are the items you will need.


- 2 good pair of Booty Hugging Shorts


- a pair of knee pads


- a TwerkFit branded shirt


- Disco lights to enjoy the zoom classes at home or teach them in your living room or in a dance studio (enjoyable up to 15 people in a room. Any larger room may require a 2nd light system)


- You will also need a personalised TwerkFit Animated Logo that you can use before or after your YouTube, IG Tv, Instagram, Facebook TikTok etc. uploaded videos of you dancing. You can place this short animation before or after your videos and it will reveal your name and the TwerkFit Logo.



(Once you purchase the package you will receive an email with the available style of shorts, tops and knee pads to choose from to make sure you will LOVE every piece of the set)

Step Up TwerkFit Set


    Please make sure you consult with your doctor before you start any new exercises. We can`t take responsibility for any accident that occurs during the performance of the online classes. so please make sure you exercise with caution and if you are not sure about anything regarding to the exercises please contact the trainer for further guidance. 
    We want you to be healthy and fit so please help us keep you safe during your fitness journey.

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