Yogi VS. I am a 2 feet on the ground logical women!

I have started my Yoga journey about 13 years ago not long after I become a Fitness instructor. I simply wanted to extend the variety of classes I can teach. So I signed up for Yoga and Pilates thinking it will be like bootcamp or dance aerobic.

Clearly couldn`t be further from the truth.

As I have been closer to the "destroy the weights" temper than to a "peace be with you" personality my Yoga classes been clearly reflected it all. I have become know in the gym I was working as a killer Yoga lady. Sure, I took it as a complement as i believed No Pain, No Gain no matter the workout.

And funny things start happening to you when you do yoga whether you are a Yogi mindset or NOT!

After teaching for 2 years and I started to calm down in my head, enjoy meditation, breath better and definitely handled crisis situations in personal and work life better than ever before.

Somewhere around this time I started to understand what my original yoga teacher was trying to make me understand all along.

Yoga is Science! Whether you believe or not that the earth is round the sun will set and rise again! So as your Yoga practice will change your Body, Your mind and your Soul with every session you practice. It`s not just science it`s true biology and anatomy how it balances your hormones and helps you loose weight yet it`s not making scene how can you loose weight from practically only stretching. (the maths of this is alien to a personal trainer who calculates calories in vs. calories out)

Fast forward 10 years and I still use yoga to make peace... but now more with myself then with others.

Not so long ago I came across Kundalini yoga accidentally.

Yes I know.... LOL how can you come across a Yoga kind accidentally?

As I mentioned I have always been the Yoga X lady (remember the P90X program killer yoga session - that`s was me... sometimes still is)

For that reason when I saw people doing Kundalini yoga which is consist of poses and breathing and chanting I always thought it`s a waste of time because it won`t make me feel like I have done a workout.

A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend decided to experiment a 7 days water-fasting after watching a documentary about it. (Yes I know i am an impulsive buyer)

As we approached to day 2. I had the idea that we shall do some meditation as it is the best time because our mind is cleared from food and drinks so toxins etc. (tell you more about that an other day)

We were pretty low on energy since we didn`t eat anything just drinking water so I suggested we shall do the Kundalini yoga.

Do you want me to spill the beans?

F*** ME!!! and Thanks to Whoever up there that I did that!

I have always been spiritual.....

Well, so so..... what is spiritual?

I believed in Ghosts mainly because Horror movies scared the s*** out of me and I was also a believer of herbs and reflexology, acupuncture vs. western medicine because i was cured out of Leukaemia when i was 9 years old with them.

My BFF Dorina also call herself spiritual because she is more mature in her head and able to handle situations with high emotional intelligence. She is also a bad-ass business women and cleanses her house with white sage. (Witches are not always Bitches)

My point is being in a spiritual place mean something totally different to all of us.

And when Kundalini yoga will hit you... ready or not you will change.


Let me tell you the raw physical things about this 1st experience:

What`s all that singing and chanting? Now that was just weird AF. But sure I hum along I said, I ma in for anything no judgement. Then that breathing... Man that`s exhausting. I never thought breathing and simple moves can be hard. So hard some stuff I couldn't do, I needed to stop to take a break when I am a kick ass Fitness instructor..... Damn... that was embarrassing.

.... and while battling with your physical body and your mind hitting the brick wall....

Things I saw more clearer then ever. Feelings I felt about trusting the process.

The process of Life. You know? The "Just BE" thing It`s all You after all. What is possible it`s all You. Starts with you and ends with you.

I have stopped controlling every element of my life. (Which I thought I have stopped waaaaaay before :-D hahah)

Now I am healthier, but not only physically actually more emotionally.

Some weird ass shit going around because I started just to trust MYSELF!!!



Me, me and me alone and only me.... It`s like watching Indiana Johns and the crystal skull.

No it`s not (sorry) I only wish it was but more like Brigid Johns never happened because she never felt like 30, single, overweight and unhappy with her job.

And the Journey? Mine is still going.

It`s always individual and personal.

Curious about yours?

When you are ready to take it... I be here to help.

Start with Booking an online Yoga class

Getting a personalised Yoga program

Join us to our Weekend Awakening yoga retreat here in Ireland

.... actually you started.... at the moment you read this article. Welcome to the Yogis baby!

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