The Truth about skin and hair-care No.1

A “dark” truth about the skincare industry is that almost all cosmetic companies utilise the so called “marketing ingredients”. When I say almost all I am not exaggerating!

Marketing ingredients are those ingredients present in the formulation in such low percentages that they provide absolutely no benefits to the skin. So the very ingredient that is claimed to ensure incredible results is doing nothing but ensuring the product sells. It's deceiving and unfair, and everyone falls for it.

For example, some shampoos claim on the package “enriched with Argan oil”. When you read this statement, you are encouraged to buy the product as Argan oil is well know as a beneficial ingredient. However, when you read the ingredients list, you notice that Argan oil is toward the end of that list. This basically means its % in the product is low (sometimes even less than 0.2%).

Another dirty tactic would be claiming the product offers benefits that are simply too good to be true. This, however, is illegal and when possible investigated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

If a company has marketing claims that are too outlandish the FDA can issue a warning letter requesting them to modify packaging, website, and every marketing material that contains such claims. If you see a company getting away with something like that, make no mistake; it's just a matter of time before they get caught.

Of course there are plenty of products which claim to do things that are clearly not believable if you look at their formulation.

There is plenty of “moisturizing masks” which have Denatured Alcohol listed as their first ingredient (the one which is present in the biggest percentage). Alcohol is very drying for the skin, therefore the mask is anything but moisturizing. This is deceiving, but also very much legal.

So make sure you check all the ingredients of you current skin/hair-care line you have at home. If you think you find something that needs to be changed check this link for your next item that has the right ingredients in it.

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