Step into the road of "Becoming Rich"

What "Rich" means to you?

It`s different for all of us. Some of us just don`t want to worry about bills where others wants that super fancy car and live in a castle.

But the most important thing before you make any steps on this road is to identify what "Rich" means to you, simply specify your goals or you will be running towards you don`t even know what. Then how will you know if you achieved your goals?

Once you have done that you`ll need to hear the truth about rules and exceptions.

We all hared about someone who made it against the odds and got filthy rich. We have also known people who were at the right place at the right time and made a crazy risky decision and it worked!

But those are not the ones you should follow for inspiration, because they are the exceptions.

Remember the old movie called "He is not that into you"? where girls made themselves believe that the guy like them against all the negative or neutral feedback because they had a friend`s friend who`s relationship started like that and now they are happily married. But they realised that it`s an exception not the rule. Because the rule is, if the guy didn`t call you for a week after the 1st date he is just not that into you! And then you need to make a decision in Love life and Business too what are you going to settle for?

A shitty BF and a shitty job because at least this came to your way and it was easy?


You wanna hear the rules? (whether I got your attention about dating or business)

Rule number 1 - It`s a numbers game!

Like in sales: you need to make a 100 calls a day to get 5 yes. Don`t focus on the 95 that said no because it is a numbers game. And it`s a game, so play it! And start taking rejection and "NO" as part of the process and not the end of the process.

Rule number 2. - Stand on multiple legs!

The millionaire who is not an exception made money from various incomes. Not one and definitely not one for life. Don`t stay, don`t settle; change it, sell it, keep going. You will stay at the same business for too long and the water will get lukewarm under your feet.

Rule number 3. - You need to be good at finance!

Check the money that comes in from each streams you set up. Also reflect the time you need to spend with the projects to make money out of it. If you calculate that your hourly rate (monthly income/time spend this month with it) is close to minimum wage...... then my dear you are working for pennies for yourself. You can work for pennies to someone else too and they pay healthcare, holiday and pension after you. Just saying.

Rule number 4. - Keep your job.

Standing on multiple legs also means that it`s smart to keep a full time/part time job for the following reasons: You will have your bills paid while you can working on the other income streams with no worries in your mind. If your financials are stable you are more likely to make a bold move on a business because your food is not depending on it. Also you have money to spend on progressing your business without sacrificing your lifestyle .

Rule number 5. - Don`t stop!

New business, new ideas, changing up things. Never stop doing it. As soon as you settle for one or two things just gonna take years trust me when things start to go down. You need to be market ready and hungry for new opportunities all the time. Keep your eyes and ears always open because others are working on new inventions new ideas and if you miss to be in that because you are comfortable where you are.... well then you know what happens.

Follow these rules and be patient. I guarantee you after 1-2 years of doing this you will have no problem staying in the Shelbourn Hotel or Raddison Blue with your Mr./Ms and enjoy a random Saturday night with expensive champagne and five start spa day.

Also those are the days you live for (not literally) You need to celebrate your wins. If you don`t they will loose meaning and you won`t know why you started.

Remember what they say: It`s all in your mind. If you believe that you can afford it, then you will find the way to afford it. Live like a Queen and be a queen. (please if you have €200 left for the month don`t just go for a €100 champagne just to feel good, be sensible and realistic)

Be financially smart and play with the money, don`t sit on it.




It`s all part of the game.

Play it smart that`s all.

But play it.... don`t just watch others doing it.

See you in the Shelbourn next year! ;-)

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