What makes you a good personal trainer?

Updated: May 8, 2020

There are so many opinions about who is the best trainer what is the best method for weight loss, muscle gain etc. But what is the truth?

Let`s get things right from the foundation

Being a good trainers is definitely not connected to your knowledge

Always personalising the workout for your client, do you?

I have been a trainer since 2008... now that doesn`t mean I have xx years of knowledge or that the amount of a knowledge will indicate anyhow what kind of a trainer I am.

I know you are a little confused here because when someone tells you they are fresh out of collage you question if you should do €50/hr personal training with them, but when and experience trainer with 10 years + in the industry and millions of clients behind them offers you a €50/hrs rate you even think it`s a bargain. The answer is Yes and No at the same time!

What? I am even more confused now!

Here let me get this right.

The time we are living in is the greatest time of all. Young entrepreneurs and inventors drop out of collage or fresh out of collage making millions. Why? Because they have a dream and they are not afraid to chase it. They want to do things from a fresh perspective. This person may owns Facebook. Lucky? Maybe... What`s my point?

In our education system they tell us that we will worth more by the years we will have behind us as experience. Like a Wine, better by age. I love wine, I really do. But guess what, I am not a wine, neither you. The truth is that when you have a good foundation of knowledge what makes you great is:


Shorts story: Here is how I went wrong - I thought other people with more experience know better so I preached what they believed whether if it was a workout style or a diet. Name it! Keto - the best the only possible diet to loose weight. Then Zone diet is the king - a little of everything like moderation, wow I even felt like it was the wisest thing to say. Bodybuilding style of a training is the only way. Do you want to loose weight? Let me get you to the squat rack and we gonna start doing heavy lifting. Was I wrong? Uhmm.. Yes and No the answer again.


I was probably right about 30 % of the time, lucky with my guess in about 30 % of the times and that made me a 60% success rate within my clients. GREAT.

But Have I been a personal trainer or have I been a sales person for Kai Greene`s new workout routine and for XYZ supplement brand without payment? YES

And here is the KEY. You can have good success rate because guess what? People who will go to you will go because they can`t workout on their own so whatever you show them will be a NEW thing for their body which shocks the muscles and probably get them the results. Same principle with the diet. But how many of us set down and actually created a client profile. Like detailed information about your client? (I don`t mean to gather the basics like weight/height/eating habits/ training history all on 1 max 2 page) I am talking about taking time to understand how my Client Body works. Have you ever told your client we will do a min 3 weeks test run on exercises and diet with your body to determine what is the best for you. Jezzzzzz NOOOO! That`s like 3 weeks into training some people only pay for 4 weeks why would I experiment with 75% of that time? No one would buy any more PT from me. Well yes I need to give it to you that might be the correct thinking. BUT, should you wrap this into a more sugarcoated sales speech?

YES Watch this:

" So Celina, I am going to create a totally personalised program for you. Obviously I am not a doctor and i don`t have the fancy equipment either so we gonna try a few different methods in dieting and training as well. During this time we will see fast and slow phase results too. But we will see results remember this. By the end of the 3 weeks we will have an exact idea what exercises are the best for you as well as what nutrition plan is the most suitable for you. Isn't it great that you will have an actual blueprint for your body by the end of our trial period? And that will be the time when most clients results plaque or slow down. We will be on the steady road by then to each your goals"

And before you eliminate this idea just think about how many test would your doctor do to determine your issue/illness and start the operation on you.

What makes you a good trainer? USE your knowledge accordingly your client. (here watch this) USE your knowledge accordingly your client NEEDS. The difference is that your client might tell you they want a beach body in 3 weeks and that is their needs. You can give them a fasting diet for at least 10 days and they will praise you to help them loose all the weight plus you were toning up for the last few days so even made some muscle gain. What you really did is you screwed their metabolism and messed up their hormones mainly because what they will do on the last week of that month is eat and drink crap food on the beach. I good trainer is like a good honest lawyer. Like the White Crow :-) But would that make it even more valuable?


Here you go! Be the White Crow and if that client comes to you and ask you to transform their body in 3 weeks tell them the truth and offer some options. A - I can do this but these are the consequences. B - We can do this with less consequences, C - we can do this with no consequences and when you get back we will look into stabilising your weight and your diet so you can have that beach body all year around. (did you just sold your client here a fix as well as made her/him to a possible long term client? YES)

You are welcome to steal my pitch!

And good luck to you young personal trainer.

Make the industry better with each client you take on.

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