Juicing for Health NOT weight loss

As a Qualified Dietitian and sports nutritionist, I have never recommended people to go on a juice diet for weight loss. But for health, detoxification, and performance enhancement reasons YES always include it as part of the program.



Let me simplify the science down for you. Do you take your car to a regular service? I hope you do! Why? To clean the system from regularly occurring by-products of everyday usage. The oil gets dirty, the filter needs to be cleaned or changed, etc.

If you would have a Ferrari would you put the cheapest petrol and oil in there? Of course not, you would treat it with the best quality fuel you can get. Because you know that it runs the best on good quality petrol and oil.

How many times did you eat junk food just in the past year? Hmm...?! There you go! I am not saying you shouldn't but then don't you think a good cleaning would be reasonable now?

What was the last time you took your body for a service? And I don't mean to go to the doctor and check your blood pressure or take a blood test. But what was the last time you took your body OFF from the everyday things such as digesting food, working out, stressing, unnatural supplements, drugs, and electronic devices?


If you would have a car that has a lifespan of 100 years and it is age 40 now that means you have run that car 40% of the time without service. Is it safe to say that this car will more likely going to break down than the one that was regularly serviced?

Hell YES, it`s basic physics and logic. Yet we are surprised that age 40-50 having health issues like blood pressure, blood sugar, arthritis, sore joints, muscle pains, restless sleep, weight gain regardless of the "Healthy eating" habits and exercises. Don`t wait until that happen with you!

If you haven't had the AHAAAA moment yet...then go back and start reading the article again!

Then start treating your body like a Ferrari :-)


It's simple! Get started with something easy like intermitted fasting/ juicing days, start doing yoga and Meditation - better book yourself for a weekend yoga retreat. Remember your body need to be synced with earth and all the stress, bad food, and electronic devices are lowering your body's ability to self-healing and maximum performance.

Now you may ask: Is that simple?

No magic pill? Nope, and yes it is that simple... and unfortunately, that's why most people don't do it. They think they need a miracle or at least a magic pill. But guess what: NO!

You can be the best of yourself and


Lose weight along the way because a well-serviced Ferrari burns fat like when you were 12 ;-)

Get it!?

Start Juicing & Meditation Sister!

Your dream Body is literally a YES I CAN attitude away from you.

Need help? That`s why I am here for!

Click below to get started on your 3 weeks cleansing and performance boosting plan!


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