Hesitations is the killer of all GOOD ideas!


I consider myself successful, and not because I am full of myself but I know where I came from. And that`s a long road... so I`d say I did it!

Will I ever stop? NO!

And you shouldn't either. - But you can always take a break. For days, weeks months or years..

But there is a catch in a rest!

Brings out different perspectives. Some are going to help you get better and succeed where others are talking to you buy society applied norms and figures or what should be or shouldn't be. I remember at age 27 I was burned out from doing what I love. Which happens to all of us. Took a little break and i nearly convinced myself that I should be a stay at home mum by this age or at least having a real steady job in a small town like shop assistant or after school teacher.

Whats society tells you about SAFE is not what really safe is.

You think having a job it`s safe. (Well at least the Bank thinks it is when you apply for a loan) Let me fast forward a safe job in 15 years: You are settled in and doing the same routine, you have done nothing but this job in the past 15 years so really you are not up to date with the rest of the positions and when your company been sold or just gone you will need to step up and do something else? But what?

Here is what would prepare you for the future:

Never settle! Nowadays Resumes are different, It`s not how long you spent with a company but it`s your progression what matters. So if you need to jump around every 3-5 years but you have a good reason why then you shall do that.

Whats gonna stop you?

Ohh yes......Hesitation

Because you have been asked to move out of your comfort zone. Well if you would have lived before out of your comfort zone this won`t be an issue... But you were told to stay safe right?

And when you don`t know whats next (moving out of your comfort zone)

You Hesitate:

And when you hesitate your brain always say choose the SAFE version.

And that`s the vicious circle.

When you have a good idea, how many time you have that friend who said but what if something BAD happens??? Or is that friend really in between your ears? Successful people say what If it`s gonna work?! And that`s what you should focus on not what if something goes bad. Guess what something always goes bad ALWAYS so get ready and be comfortable of dealing with BAD things. Because they are like other cars on the road when you drive on the road of Success.

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