Why did I started to BLOG?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Before you judge, there is a reason for everything even for the fact that we all judge. I do, all the time. Sometimes I even have to slap myself virtually for the thoughts I am having after reading something just because i think its stupid, outrageous and not exactly aligning with my ethos and believe system. According to the Oxford University Press, 2018 we disagree as humans on anything because it is not aligning with our own belief system. Emotional intelligence tells you to BOHOOOO suck it up and try to see the other side.

Well here we go, here is my side:

Someone told me once: "The message is more important than your ability to speak academic English"

She was and she is my best friend, Dorina Vass. Not for that reason of course but because she is a smart cookie. It also made me feel good about the fact that my grammar was bad even when i was a native Hungarian and had to master one language. You can imagine what is the situation now. (sometimes not even #grammarly can help me)

What she said made me think every day that there is something to share with the world from what I know to hope it helps someone out there and of course because i hope that one day when i die people will read my blog like a BIBLE (LOL) of course not...but maybe.

What can you expect to see from me in the future blogs?

  1. The TRUTH I mean my truth of course.

  2. Guidance for Fitness Instructors, Personal trainers in the fitness industry.

  3. Some eye opener stuff for people who avail of any fitness related services.

  4. Some Bits and Bobs about BEST exercises. (I knew you gonna like that)

  5. FOOD if you are vegan/vegetarian or just don`t mind having food without meat.

  6. Business life. Living the Corporate word. Truth about working for "GOOGLE" or "APPLE" in that matter.

  7. Living the best life no matter the environment AKA bit of life coaching from a totally NOT expert on how to survive and come out like a Champ from any SHITuataion.

  8. Femininity vs. Feminism - I have some pepper spray hot chilly pepper opinion here.

  9. Further topics can be requested as I haven`t planned out my hole life yet to shock the audience.

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