Feminist vs. Feminism

On the last few Leaders in Heels Seminar I have been talking about why Feminism kills the Femininity in a Woman. I know I am touching a subject that either going to make you go mad, crazy, who do I think I am or gonna make you feel like Thanks God someone finally said that, but there will be no in-betweeners.

You going to hate it or love it.

Since 1920 when we got our rights to Vote a lot more changed. Now we can run our own company, we can be powerful CEO`s and we can even be Presidents or Astronauts if we like to. And it`s great!

So we toughened up, and we showed the world that we can be as strong and tough as a man. We wear pants and boots to even emphasise that we are just as tough as the other sex. We show the world that we don`t need a man or children and certainly we don`t need to be housewives, we rather choose career and taking over the world kinda stuff. Which is all cool and so on...so on... if this is what you really want.

According to the research in 2018 when they asked women the 3 things they most want in their life 65% of them answered, LOVE, FAMILY, HAPPINESS.

So much about being a lonely astronaut in Mars and finding Love, Family and Happiness there.

So Let me make it clear this article is for that 65% of the woman.

STOP acting like a MAN!


Cause and effect that man softens up because guess what "opposite attract" and " Two Cowboys can`t be in the same bar without a gunfight" Years passes by and now we wear pants and the Man cooks at home. Don`t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a man who loves and wants to cook I myself a big Jamie Oliver fan.

BUT... We born with these amazing gifts of being a woman and it comes with skills and characteristics that only a woman can perfect. Like when someone born with a talent of gymnastics, real bendy body and rubber bones and you want that person to run Marathons. It`s not that he/she cannot do that but are we utilising what we are? Let me also make a very important note in here: You born this way! (literally, and not by Lady Gaga). You either born to be feminine or not. Other words there are women who born to be "not feminine" and there are men who born to be feminine. It`s pretty simple.

LinkedIn has done an online training on LinkedIn learning called body language in the corporate world. They have conducted a research where they got a team of people and asked them to listen to two different sales person. They were asked to choose which they would buy from and why OR/why not.

They had no idea about the real reason of the experiment.

They gave the script to the guy and ask to learn it word by word. They also left notes like, make sure you use tone of voice and body-language that shows confidence, example: Stand strong talk firm and loud etc... Then they asked the girl to do the same moves, same tone, same voice, same presentation.

90% of the Audience agreed that the men sounded trustworthy and made them feel secure about the sale. Also the same 90% agreed that the woman was too pushy and aggressive.

But they did the same thing.

Well well.... Let`s cut to the chase:

Female energy should not be used to match a masculine energy.

Because Female energy has its power to be gentle, loving, caring, assuring and safe in a totally different way.

So why don`t we use it?

Monkey Show, Monkey Does! (Ouch) It`s easier to copy than make your own original, right?

We want to be as successful like a man and powerful so we copied the whole look. It sounds like the Coke vs. Pepsi or the Backstreet boys vs. N`Sync war.

Be YOU, discover your assets and use it for the same goal just walk your own way.

Walk the female way! Don`t be ashamed to use /show your soft and loving side.

Be a Female! Wear your skirts, cry if you need to and don`t be afraid to act like a woman.

And you will get your way.

We may come across fragile, but our strength lays in being the weaker sex.

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