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Updated: May 21, 2020

I am calling this as "View. 1" other than Vol. 1 because there are different angles to look at this statement. I mean to simplify it down there are numbers of ways to empower a woman. This blog post is going to be about the effect of my Twerk-Fit, Bosschick Dance Workout(as we used to call it) classes on woman.

I will talk about my experience as a teacher and the feedback I got from members on my classes.

You may say I am confident. The truth is: NOT AT ALL! Probably has more body image issues and problems with confidence then anyone else. How can I teach a class that is about being a "Sexy B**"?

Well that is the answer for what my clients love about my classes:

- You are surrounded with friendly woman only!

- It`s lead by a person that is not perfect in any ways (Me)

- You are between people who are the same average Jill Gill like you (average Jo with Jill soul won`t be turned away of course)

- It`s Just us Girls! You can be silly and goofy or Sexy AF, we will laugh it off and high five each other.

This class saved me more than it inspired any woman who ever come to it.

Every time I walk down to the classroom I am asking myself who am I to even think I can Twerk?

Not even teach twerking?

I don`t even have the body/booty near as good as Nicki Minaj.

....Then I see the girls in front of the classroom being excited, chit chatting with each other. Some of them wearing the shorts and the knee pads with big coat in winder time as they just jumped out of the car. When I enter the place they all light up with cheerful smile with that thing in their eyes that make me feel like DO IT FOR THEM (if you can`t do it for yourself)

And that`s what keeps me going. Knowing that at least one person feel like "Yeah she is here, we gonna have some fun times"

....My other favourite part is the circle of empowerment at the end of the class. We switch off the lights so its dark like in a night club. We gather in a circle and one by one we all go in for a few seconds to show off some moves that we are comfortable with. The others around you cheer and whistle to motivate you. I have seen move women coming out of their shell in that last 3 min than ever before. The ones I never even thought they have it in them and they just BOOM! Rocked the Floor like a Pro and the others were going crazy screaming and cheering like a rock stars. Gosh I felt like we are the newly discovered Spice Girls and we just released our first music video. (Sure I am easy to get carried away hahah)

But the point is to feel comfortable around people you don`t even know.

It`s about trust one an other that we are here to help and support.

It`s about that laugh you have when you realised you were good, not just good, you Rock!

It`s about laugh, sweat and smile to celebrate our body. The ability to move and dance. #twerksister

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