Fat or Fit?

I am sure you have seen the new Cosmopolitan cover with the plus size model girl doing a yoga pose.


Here it is:

ps.: You are welcome to share your opinion on the photo as how dose it make you feel whether it`s positive or negative. All opinions are accepted, after all it`s like the whole in your butt - everyone has one.

I think this picture is beautiful!


- It shows that a women with extra weight can still do exercises that we used to think are only for skinny people.

- It shows that nothing is impossible.

- It shows that you don`t have to be skinny to start exercising or to be good at it.

- It shows that a women at plus size can look fit and sexy.

- It shows that you can be HAPPY (and this is the most important) no matter your size.


-It also shows that eating 3000 kcal a day and do some yoga poses won`t help you to loose weight.

-It also shows that just because you joined two exercise classes a week your weight won`t magically fall off.

- It also shows that your previous excuses why you can`t exercise are prospectively invalid.

I am all about body positivity and you gonna laugh or feel like (S** I am the same) mainly because I am not Claudia Shiffer. If I would look like her I wouldn`t have self image or self acceptance issues. Then you hear on the news that people with literally perfect body struggle with the same issues like the girls who have actual extra weight on. So what`s going on? Is this like a disease or a virus that when you catch it you think you are ugly and fat and can`t see yourself the way you really are?

Jessamyn Stanley - (the girl on the photo) said she has been called those words and more, trying to shame her because she is actually a rocking yoga teacher.

Let me just lay down some fact about human psychology and basic b*tchology

1 - Whoever calls someone ugly and fat for the purpose of shaming is a non questionable fully qualified BUTT HEAD. But you shouldn`t be offended when words like this hits you because her/his emotional intelligence is not yours. They say if you can`t speak kindness don`t speak. Which all sounds good but it`s not reality.

2 - She is unquestionably fat. Sorry but that`s just a fact. I am not really sure why should this be a negative or offensive word. There are people with long hair and short hair. Just because you had time effort to look after your hair to grow it long and take care of it you are not a better person than the short hair girl. If you have extra kilos/pounds on, those are called fat. But you shouldn`t be offended because you put it there.

3 - She is NOT entirely healthy. - You can eat well, exercise well then you will loose weight because your body is thriving for balance, where your joints are not under pressure and your internal organs can function properly. You can eat well but if you eat too much you won`t loose weight. You can exercise but if done incorrectly or just the wrong kind you won`t loose weight.

Health is made out of many factors!

Food - eat as much unprocessed whole foods as possible.

Exercise - Exercise for your body type and for your goals.

Anatomical body facts - If you have too much weight on your joints one day or an other you will have an inflammation in your system. If you have too much belly fat your cholesterol and blood pressure will rise one day or an other and you will need to go on medication or you will need to loose that fat.

Emotional fact - Whether you are skinny or fat if you are not happy with yourself you are not healthy because your thoughts are poisoning your body with negative things. You stress too much and whether you are fat or skinny you will be sick.

4 - She is unquestionably an amazing Yoga teacher. I have seen her in poses that I wish I could do and I am lighter than she is ergo she is stronger and more flexible than a skinnier person.

5 - She is indeed also beautiful. I don`t personally know her, all I see is a lovely smiley face and that`s enough for me to say she is nice. That`s how easy it is to buy me :-D hahah. This is one thing we need to get out of our head. Being beautiful inside dose not equal to how you look outside. You can be a Rosanna Davidson and be an awful person, even if you are Miss World. And you can be Quasimodo and be the most kind hearted person on earth. One or the other is not superior.

What shall you take away from this?

Fat is NOT equal to ugly.

Your happiness is not determine by your body weight.

But having too much extra fat will mean your health won`t always be with you .

If I would have a person who I love and I want her/him to be with me until we get old and cranky in the nursing home I want her/him to be in a healthy weight that allows her/him to annoy me for the rest of my life.

Wouldn`t you?

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