Fake it till you make it

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I don`t even know most of the time what am I doing. Do you? I have to be honest here my biggest achievements in life happened because I wasn`t thinking I was doing. Doing what? Whatever it takes and whatever I can from common scene mainly of course as I don`t have 5 bachelor's degree and no you didn`t mistake there was no Dr. before my name either.

Here is the thing, and this is the golden line you need to frame and place it above your little home office where you dream your dreams and want to make those millions.

It goes like this:



Who said it? I believe Instagram of Facebook no name motivational post. But it rocks and it is correct.

You can wait for your entire life before you are ready. If I would have waited for my first fitness job to be a good trainer before I applied and turned up for the interview I would have never entered the fitness industry. We all learn along the way.

I remember at that time my friend Barbara who prepared me to the interview told me not to expect to get the job because let`s be honest I am not the most qualified person for that but it will be a good exercise and practicing the interview process. She said, and I went for the interview where a lovely gentleman who truly transformed my life in the fitness industry called Alan Leach (I praise his name everywhere) hired me. He hired me because I am sure he had no idea what he was doing (LOL - of course, he knew, he saw the true potential in me and that I am destined for big things in life. Or possibly he was very stuck for the position that was advertised and he said what the heck, why not give it a go.) And here we go the rest is now history.

My history. From then on I was fearless and jumped on any opportunity life ever gave me.

You told me that you are starting a space mission and you want me in? I was like yeah, I am in!

(do you know anything about space at all? - said the little voice in my head. And Said SHUT UP, we will google it later)

And like that, NOW I work for a multi-million dollar company. Run my own business on the side. No kids, only a dog - Dr. Matthias Gonzales (if I can`t be a doctor sure he can, dream big right?)

My home office not small and cozy but it`s big and shiny with high tech stuff that 1/2 I don`t even know what to do with.

I have an expensive hobby of whiskey collecting which makes my boyfriend crazy and happy at the same time when I have no control over myself.

Am I a millionaire?

Jeeeezeeee ya crazy? NO! Not yet!

But pretty comfortable, especially when I am on a shopping rave without supervision. And yes it doesn`t hit me at all to go to the Bahamas once a year if i want. Isn't it that something like what we all want?

Because If I think really hard, it was everything that I have dreamed of in 2004 when I set foot in this crazy windy, the rainy beautifully green island where I saw an opportunity. (no I didn`t but I had to leave, you know the cops were after me haha)

But It was the best decision I have ever made. Sold my laptop and mobile phone to buy the flight tickets to get here and arrived with £20 (didn`t know they use € already FFS)

Moral of my story in a nutshell?

Have a bit of faith in yourself will ya?

If I made it?

You will too and do even better things.

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