Exercise as your daily routine

Updated: May 8

We are getting way too carried away with naming, labelling things to do and call it exercising. Guess what? Getting up from the bed is already exercising. So let`s be more active. Can you get up twice from the bed? I don`t mean going for a nap then getting up again (on the other hand there is nothing wrong with that) I mean being more mindful that everything you do is activity = exercise. Walking to the kitchen, taking out the laundry. So start acting like they are exercises. It`s your mindset that will play the trick. Apparently it can make you super rich too, but that`s level 5000. Let`s start with level 10 for now. Can you do an extra walk a day? Maybe take the Dog out for 10 min extra/day, or the neighbours dog. Please don`t buy a dog if you don`t have one just for this. Just walk. Do some walking lunges while you are walking back from the bathroom to the living room. Take 2 stairs at the time when you go up to your apartment. Are you living on the 20th floor? Good for you, I wish I would. Get off at floor 17 and walk three staircase up. BOOM, is that so easy? Yes! I used to think i need to allocate time for exercising. Now i know i just need to rearrange the way i see things. 10 min Yoga or 5 min stretch is better than not even been able to touch my toes. Can you touch your toes? Because you should! Get it?

Then let`s start!

Today... Not tomorrow!



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