Trying too hard as a Personal Trainer

Some trainers are all about the €€€ SALES. Is it the right thing to do? After all they need to make a living out of their profession.

The Hard sales!

I have seen numbers of trainers being very successful and making big figures out of simply Personal Training business. Don`t mistake this to ANY trainer. I am talking about up at 5am in bed by Midnight if they are lucky. Training sessions, group, one to ones, classes back to back. Online consultation in the car while driving. Updating Blogs, Websites, sales, online services as soon as their hit the door at home. When they had a little time left to spear they were making videos, podcasts, vlogs and always working on something NEW something COOL to make more €€€

If your Goal is to make lots of money in the fitness industry I guess this is the way to go. But let me tell you a big SECRET. Right now, me as a manager in a big corporate company working 9-5/Monday to Friday I make more. And my company make sure that we all keep the work life balance. What I am trying to say here is that they break their back for the money I earn with a much easier life.

What shall be your take over from this?

You wanna make money? Like a lot? Then the fitness business "might NOT" be your industry. (I would like to emphasise that of course there are some people who makes a lot of money.... see lifestyle above)

Do you want to make a comfortable living and love waking up every day, being passionate about your job and the contribution you make for this world?

Then YES become a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor.

This job is about LOVE

Love your every days, Love your clients, Love the results, Love waking up at 5am for your client because you have a WHY inside you that drives your soul.

It is truly a fulfilling job.

I still teach on some evenings not because of the money of course but for the RUSH, the BUZZ off that CRAZE that takes over me when I teach. Like a DRUG to be fit and healthy and inspire others. The way they look at me when they are proud of themselves for completing the workout. Makes you feel like a ROCK STAR!

YES that`s why you are a trainer. And that is "priceless for everything else there MasterCard"

Did I just crush your dreams?

NOPE I don`t think so. Trust me, the most things in life that makes you happy are really not connected to money. At least not a huge amount of money. Loving what you do, who you are working with, your family, your friends your lifestyle will matter the most.

I just want you to set realistic expectations. And of course if you are under-promise yourself then over-deliver, that will make you even more happy.

Be in this job for the reasons that are not tangible.

And that`s all Folks!

#loveyourjob #lovebeingapersonaltrainer # lovefitness

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