BEFORE you BOOK - Exercise class Waiver

If this is your FIRST time participating on a TwerkFit class whether it`s Live or Livestream, we highly recommend to fill out this health form.

Did your doctor ever asked you NOT to participate in intense physical activities?
Have you done other exercises in the past 3 month?

Our Services

  • Become a TwerkFit instructor and run your own classes.

    79 euros
  • Worried about the corona-virus but want to stay Fit & Healthy?


    1 hr

    Donations / Tip only
  • Home or Gym training personalised to you!

    1 hr

    49 euros
  • Personalised Food plan for you

    1 hr

    37 euros
  • Yoga,Meditation, Pilates, HIIT training via Zoom for Companies.

    45 min

  • Small group Yoga, Meditation, Vegan cooking and Wine tasting

    Starts Apr 2

    400 euros
  • Yoga designed for YOU!

    1 hr

    19.90 euros
  • Uplifting , energising Lunchtime yoga session in just 30 min.

    Donations/ Tip only
  • Floor based Booty shaping, toning exercises

    Donations / Tip only
  • Rise and Shine! Get life back to your body, mind and soul

    Donations / Tip only

Please make sure you consult with your doctor before you start any new exercises. We can`t take responsibility for any accident that occurs during the performance of the online classes. so please make sure you exercise with caution and if you are not sure about anything regarding to the exercises please contact the trainer for further guidance. 
We want you to be healthy and fit so please help us keep you safe during your fitness journey.

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