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Act like a Lady dance like a Boss

If you are tired of the gym, bored of the old Zumba classes, caught yourself singing Beyonce in the car... than this is your class. For videos visit my IGTV Instagram site @fitchick.nikki or Youtube - Fitchick Nikki

About Twerk-Fit

Its a beginners class for girls like you, for mums you know, for the girl next door... The place where average Jill can let her inner sexy B*** out! Feel sexy and confident because there is a supportive female-empowering group surrounds you. It`s time to live, have fun and enjoy a good class that makes you sweat and smile. On a side note.: 560 Kcal average burned on a TwerkFit class! So skip the treadmill and come to join us.


ONLY online services during Covid-19 virus

Get Fit Fast, Feel Sexy and Sleek

Join my Female Empowerment group! Which starts with you. Taking care of of yourself should be the first thing in your list. Remember you can`t pour from a cup that`s empty. So it`s time to nourish your body. Get your nutrition right, start your home workout or join my Twerk-Fit class. Visit the Leaders in Heels seminars to be inspired to be the woman you would be proud of.

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Online Twerk-Fit Classes

Stay safe during Corona-virus

Find the best in the worst time. Ain`t nobody stopping as staying Twerk-Fit, right? So log in to my online class and join me on the usual time.

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Online Yoga Classes

Strength & Stamina

Stay safe during Corona-virus and join me on my online Yoga class. Simply by the weekly log in and access the live video even 72 hrs after its been published. Dont let these hard time effect your health and fitness. Stay safe, fit and healthy!

Online Nutrition

Energetic you

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.

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